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Mediation and Assessment Program (MAP)

The Mediation and Assessment Program (MAP or Program) is the Western District of Missouri’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program for civil lawsuits and is administered by the MAP Director. The Program is governed by the MAP General Order which is an Order of the Court en banc. Any requests for relief from the General Order must be secured in accordance with the provisions of the General Order. 

The Program provides a format for parties and other required participants to address their disputes early on or at later stages, including 1) initially or within a short time after the filing of a lawsuit; 2) later in the litigation process and before additional and/or final rulings; and/or 3) when cases are on appeal. 

Currently, all non-excluded civil cases filed in the Western District are included in MAP and are randomly assigned for ADR to 1) a United States Magistrate or Bankruptcy Judge; 2) the MAP Director; or 3) the Outside Neutral category (Category I or Category II). 

The initial assignment of cases is to mediation (ADR-M), although the parties may engage in another form of ADR (ADR-O) if approved in advance. For initial case assignments, ADR-M or ADR-O is required within 75 days of the Rule 26(f) meeting or conference absent relief being granted in accordance with the General Order.

When a case is filed, a Notice of Inclusion to MAP is issued in the case and the party initiating the lawsuit is required to serve the Notice of Inclusion on all other parties in the case. The Notice of Inclusion indicates to which of the three categories the case is assigned for ADR.  If the case is reassigned or enters the process later, an Amended Notice of Inclusion is issued.

If your case is assigned to the Outside Neutral Category I, you are required to file a Designation of Neutral Certificate (ADR event in ECF; a Designation of Neutral sample certificate can be found above) within 14 days of your Rule 26(f) meeting or conference.  Please consult the MAP General Order at page 14 for specific information regarding filing when the case is assigned to Category II.  Many neutrals book up months in advance. If an individual is not available to accommodate the ADR deadline under Category I, select another Neutral who can accommodate the deadline. 

If you are assigned to a Judge or the MAP Director for ADR, you will receive notice of the ADR date from his or her respective office.   

The General Order contains important information, including but not limited to 1) attendance requirements for parties, party representatives, applicable insurance representatives, and counsel of record; and 2) deadlines for filing the Designation of Neutral Certificate, completing ADR, and submitting post-ADR status reports. 

This website contains helpful information, including the General Order, Frequently Asked Questions, Designation of Neutral sample certificate, the List of Category I Outside Neutrals, and MAP Participant Information.  

Please contact the MAP office if you have questions after reviewing the General Order and other posted information.

Mediation and Assessment Program
Laurel Stevenson, Director
Charles Evans Whittaker Courthouse
400 E. 9th Street, Room 3238
Kansas City, Missouri 64106 (E-mail)
816-512-5080 (Telephone)
816-512-5089 (Facsimile)