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District Forms

Form Name PDF Version
Affidavit of Financial Status PDF
Application for Leave to File Without Payment (to proceed in forma pauperis) PDF
Attorney Character Certificate
Attorney Character Certificate Exemption
Bill of Costs PDF
Certification of Judgment for Registration in a Foreign District PDF
Civil Complaint PDF
Civil Complaint - Employment Discrimination PDF
Civil Cover Sheet
CJA23 Financial Affidavit
Consent to Proceed Before Magistrate Judge in a Civil Case PDF
Criminal Case Cover Sheet PDF
Exhibit Index PDF
Notice & Acknowledgement for Service by Mail PDF
Notice of Appeal - Civil Case PDF
Notice of Appeal - Criminal Case PDF
Notice of Lawsuit & Request for Waiver of Service PDF
Petition for Admission Pro Hac Vice
Rule 502(d) Model Order PDF
Social Security Complaint PDF
Social Security Summons PDF
Subpoena in a Civil Case to Appear and Testify at Hearing or Trial PDF
Subpoena in a Civil Case to Produce Documents or Permit Inspection PDF
Subpoena in a Civil Case to Testify at a Deposition PDF
Summons in a Civil Case PDF
Third Party Summons PDF
U.S. Marshal's Form 285—Process Receipt & Return for Service of Process
Waiver of Summons PDF