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Main Numbers
Name Title Phone Number
U.S. District Court Western Division (Kansas City) Clerk's Office 816-512-5000
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Kansas City Clerk's Office 816-512-1800
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Kansas City 816-512-1300 or 888-609-7664
Jury 816-512-5100
U.S. District Court Central Division (Jefferson City) Clerk's Office 573-636-4015
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Jefferson City 573-634-3293 or 888-609-7664
U.S. District Court Southern Division (Springfield) Clerk's Office 417-865-3869
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Springfield 417-831-4494 or 800-333-3770
Name Title Phone Number
Paige Wymore-Wynn Court Executive 816-512-5000
Randall Henderson Chief Deputy of Administration 816-512-5000
Laura Bax Chief Deputy of Operations 816-512-5015
Diana Diaz Education, Communication, Outreach 816-512-5030
Kathy Popejoy Human Resources 816-512-5035
Michele Nelson Human Resources 816-512-5036
Laura Schwaller Financial/Budget Administrator 816-512-5065
Stephanie Watson Procurement Administrator 816-512-5070
District Court Operations
Name Title Phone Number
Robin Jones Operations Manager 816-512-5055
Carrie James Divisional Manager for the Central Division 573-556-7562
Steve Burch Divisional Manager for the Southern Division 417-225-7703
Terri Moore Case Processing Team Lead / CM/ECF Specialist 816-512-5062
Bankruptcy Operations
Name Title Phone Number
Mindy Smith Operations Manager 816-512-1818
Cecelia Parle Operations Administrator 816-512-1838
Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System
Name Title Phone Number
District CM/ECF Help Desk 1-800-466-9302
Bankruptcy CM/ECF Help Line 1-800-466-9302
Bankruptcy Voice Case Information System (VCIS) 1-866-222-8029
Mediation and Assessment Program
Name Title Phone Number
Laurel Stevenson MAP Director 816-512-5080
JoAnna Hickman MAP Administrative Assistant 816-512-5080
Name Title Phone Number
General Information 816-512-5100
Automated Jury Message 1-800-488-0679
District Judges
Chief Judge Beth Phillips
Name Title Phone Number
Beth Phillips Chief U.S. District Judge 816-512-5380
Annette Cordell Judicial Assistant 816-512-5380
Kelly McIlvain Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5744
Katie Wirt Court Reporter 816-512-5608
Steven Wolfe Career Law Clerk
Ben Clark Career Law Clerk
Anna El-Zein Law Clerk
Judge David Gregory Kays
Name Title Phone Number
David Gregory Kays U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5600
Tracy Strodtman Judicial Assistant/Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5600
Regina Lambrecht Court Reporter 816-512-5623
Jonathan Lehr Career Law Clerk
Jackson Hobbs Law Clerk
Cailynn Hayter Law Clerk
Judge Brian C. Wimes
Name Title Phone Number
Brian C. Wimes U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5390
Christy Anderson Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5063
Denise Halasey Court Reporter 816-512-5657
Maggie Boyd Career Law Clerk 816-512-5390
Marriam Shah Law Clerk 816-512-5390
Abram White Law Clerk 816-512-5391
Judge M. Douglas Harpool
Name Title Phone Number
M. Douglas Harpool U.S. District Court Judge 417-865-3741
Patricia View Judicial Assistant 417-865-3741
Linda Howard Courtroom Deputy 417-225-7704
Jeannine Rankin Court Reporter 417-225-7713
Kristen Roubal Career Law Clerk
Ben Levin Law Clerk
Judge Stephen R. Bough
Name Title Phone Number
Stephen R. Bough U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5370
Tracy Diefenbach Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5376
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Ben Clark Law Clerk 816-512-5624
Anne Case-Halferty Law Clerk 816-512-5370
Grace Colato Law Clerk 816-512-5370
Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark
Name Title Phone Number
Roseann A. Ketchmark U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5110
LaTandra Wheeler Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5629
Jean Crawford Court Reporter 816-512-5642
Elizabeth Martin Career Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Jordan Dollar Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Caleb Phillips Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Senior Judges
Senior Judge Howard F. Sachs
Name Title Phone Number
Howard F. Sachs Senior District Judge 816-512-5715
Renea Matthes Mitra Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5689
Karen Graves Chief of Staff
Susan Campbell Law Clerk
Senior Judge Dean Whipple
Name Title Phone Number
Dean Whipple Senior District Judge 816-512-5615
Kathy Willis Judicial Assistant/Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5621
Senior Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.
Name Title Phone Number
Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr. Senior District Judge 816-512-5630
Marylynn Shawver Judicial Assistant 816-512-5630
Tracy Diefenbach Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5376
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Patricia Rosa Career Law Clerk
Jo Powers Career Law Clerk
Senior Judge Ortrie D. Smith
Name Title Phone Number
Ortrie D. Smith Senior District Judge 816-512-5645
Stacy O'Connor Judicial Assistant 816-512-5645
Renea Matthes Mitra Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5689
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Julia Kitsmiller Career Law Clerk
Rachel Smith Law Clerk
Senior Judge Nanette K. Laughrey
Name Title Phone Number
Nanette K. Laughrey Senior District Judge 573-632-6623
Netra Sreeprakash Chief of Staff 573-556-7542
Renea Matthes Mitra Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5689
Katie Wirt Court Reporter 816-512-5608
Amy Thompson Law Clerk 573-556-7541
Tessa Opalach Law Clerk 573-556-7547
Senior Judge Gary A. Fenner
Name Title Phone Number
Gary A. Fenner Senior District Judge 816-512-5660
Lisa Mitchell Judicial Assistant/Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5660
Kathy Calvert Court Reporter 816-512-5741
Janelle Niebuhr Law Clerk
Jackie Domian Law Clerk
Magistrate Judges
Chief Magistrate Judge David P. Rush
Name Title Phone Number
David P. Rush Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge 417-865-3761
Karla Berziel Courtroom Deputy 417-865-3761
Dan Ostaszewski Career Law Clerk 417-865-3761
Christa Moss Law Clerk 417-865-3761
Magistrate Judge John T. Maughmer
Name Title Phone Number
John T. Maughmer U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5745
Jane Stepp Judicial Assistant 816-512-5745
Kerry Martinez Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5759
Pamela Alexander Career Law Clerk 816-512-5745
Magistrate Judge Lajuana M. Counts
Name Title Phone Number
Lajuana M. Counts U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5775
Traci Chorny Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5789
Suzanne Bliss Career Law Clerk 816-512-5777
Erica Clinton Law Clerk 816-512-5778
Magistrate Judge Willie J. Epps, Jr.
Name Title Phone Number
Willie J. Epps, Jr. U. S. Magistrate Judge 573-634-3418
Angel Geiser Courtroom Deputy 573-556-7564
Joshua LeVasseur Law Clerk 573-634-3418
Jon Warren Law Clerk 573-634-3418
Magistrate Judge Jill Morris
Name Title Phone Number
Jill Morris U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5760
Joella Baldwin Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5052
Rebecca Suroff Career Law Clerk 816-512-5763
Peter Gibbins Law Clerk 816-512-5762
Magistrate Judge Sarah W. Hays
Name Title Phone Number
Sarah W. Hays U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5780
Tracey Richard Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5073
Magistrate Judge James C. England
Name Title Phone Number
Karla Berziel Courtroom Deputy 417-225-7703
James C. England U.S. Magistrate Judge 417-865-3761
Magistrate Judge Robert E. Larsen
Name Title Phone Number
Robert E. Larsen U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5760
Name Title Phone Number
Jean Crawford Court Reporter 816-512-5642
Judy Moore Court Reporter 816-512-5622
Bankruptcy Judges
Chief Judge Brian T. Fenimore
Name Title Phone Number
Brian T. Fenimore Bankruptcy Judge 816-512-1910
Dawn Meador Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1924
Hannah Schoeb Law Clerk 816-512-1910
Lindsay Doman Law Clerk 816-512-1910
Judge Dennis R. Dow
Name Title Phone Number
Dennis R. Dow Bankruptcy Judge 816-512-1880
Kerry Brown Judicial Assistant 816-512-1880
Kim McClanahan Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1894
Sharon Loftspring Career Law Clerk
Lori Locke Career Law Clerk
Judge Cynthia A. Norton
Name Title Phone Number
Cynthia A. Norton Chief Bankruptcy Judge 816-512-1895
Beth Graham Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1852
Erica Garrett Career Law Clerk 816-512-1896
Kristi Sutton Law Clerk 816-512-1898
Name Title Phone Number
Kristina Richardson Kansas City Chapter 13 Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1816