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Main Numbers
Name Title Phone Number
U.S. District Court Western Division (Kansas City) Clerk's Office 816-512-5000
Jury 816-512-5100
U.S. District Court Central Division (Jefferson City) Clerk's Office 573-636-4015
U.S. District Court Southern Division (Springfield) Clerk's Office 417-865-3869
Name Title Phone Number
Paige Wymore-Wynn Court Executive 816-512-5000
Randall Henderson Chief Deputy of Administration 816-512-5000
Laura Bax Chief Deputy of Operations 816-512-5015
Diana Diaz Education, Communication, Outreach 816-512-5030
Kathy Popejoy Human Resources 816-512-5035
Michele Nelson Human Resources 816-512-5036
Laura Schwaller Financial/Budget Administrator 816-512-5065
Stephanie Watson Procurement Administrator 816-512-5070
District Court Operations
Name Title Phone Number
Renea Matthes Mitra Operations Manager 816-512-5062
Terri Moore Divisional Manager for the Central Division 573-556-7562
Steve Burch Divisional Manager for the Southern Division 417-225-7700
Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System
Name Title Phone Number
District CM/ECF Help Desk 1-800-466-9302
Mediation and Assessment Program
Name Title Phone Number
Laurel Stevenson MAP Director 816-512-5080
JoAnna Hickman MAP Office Manager 816-512-5080
Robert Cole MAP Administrative Assistant 816-512-5080
Name Title Phone Number
General Information 816-512-5100
Automated Jury Message 1-800-488-0679
District Judges
Chief Judge Beth Phillips
Name Title Phone Number
Beth Phillips Chief U.S. District Judge 816-512-5380
Annette Cordell Judicial Assistant 816-512-5380
Shauna Murphy-Carr Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5744
Katie Wirt Court Reporter 816-512-5608
Steven Wolfe Career Law Clerk
Alec Guy Law Clerk
Judge David Gregory Kays
Name Title Phone Number
David Gregory Kays U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5600
Tracy Strodtman Judicial Assistant/Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5600
Annisa Justice Court Reporter 816-512-5622
Jonathan Lehr Career Law Clerk
Taylor Spillers Law Clerk
Evan Bolton Law Clerk 816-512-5600
Judge Brian C. Wimes
Name Title Phone Number
Brian C. Wimes U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5390
Tracy Diefenbach Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5376
Denise Halasey Court Reporter 816-512-5657
Maggie Boyd Career Law Clerk 816-512-5390
Darrell Smith Law Clerk 816-512-5390
Ashanti Carey Law Clerk 816-512-5390
Judge M. Douglas Harpool
Name Title Phone Number
M. Douglas Harpool U.S. District Court Judge 417-865-3741
Patricia View Judicial Assistant 417-865-3741
Linda Howard Courtroom Deputy 417-225-7704
Jeannine Rankin Court Reporter 417-225-7713
Kristen Roubal Career Law Clerk
Christopher Clark Law Clerk
Judge Stephen R. Bough
Name Title Phone Number
Stephen R. Bough U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5370
Tracey Peters Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5073
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Ben Clark Law Clerk 816-512-5624
Kaitlin Minkler Law Clerk 816-512-5370
Helen Phillips Law Clerk 816-512-5370
Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark
Name Title Phone Number
Roseann A. Ketchmark U.S. District Court Judge 816-512-5110
LaTandra Wheeler Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5629
Jean Crawford Court Reporter 816-512-5642
Jonathan Brown Career Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Darin Shreves Term Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Ali Hutcheson Term Law Clerk 816-512-5110
Senior Judges
Senior Judge Howard F. Sachs
Name Title Phone Number
Howard F. Sachs Senior District Judge 816-512-5715
Christy Anderson Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5063
Karen Graves Chief of Staff
Susan Campbell Law Clerk
Senior Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.
Name Title Phone Number
Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr. Senior District Judge 816-512-5630
Christy Anderson Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5063
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Patricia Rosa Career Law Clerk
Jo Powers Career Law Clerk
Jamie Powell Law Clerk
Senior Judge Gary A. Fenner
Name Title Phone Number
Gary A. Fenner Senior District Judge 816-512-5660
Lisa Mitchell Judicial Assistant/Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5660
Kathy Calvert Court Reporter 816-512-5741
Janelle Niebuhr Law Clerk
Magistrate Judges
Chief Magistrate Judge Willie J. Epps, Jr.
Name Title Phone Number
Willie J. Epps, Jr. Chief U. S. Magistrate Judge 573-634-3418
Angel Geiser Courtroom Deputy 573-556-7564
Maria Graham Law Clerk 573-634-3418
Michal-Ane McIntosh Law Clerk 573-634-3418
Magistrate Judge David P. Rush
Name Title Phone Number
Karla Berziel Courtroom Deputy 417-865-3761
Dan Ostaszewski Career Law Clerk 417-865-3761
Isabella Neuberg Law Clerk 417-865-3761
David P. Rush U.S. Magistrate Judge 417-865-3761
Magistrate Judge Lajuana M. Counts
Name Title Phone Number
Lajuana M. Counts U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5775
Traci Chorny Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5789
Suzanne Bliss Career Law Clerk 816-512-5777
Erica Clinton Law Clerk 816-512-5778
Magistrate Judge Jill A. Morris
Name Title Phone Number
Jill A. Morris U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5760
Lauren Stout Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5064
Rebecca Suroff Career Law Clerk 816-512-5763
MacKenzie Leonard Law Clerk 816-512-5762
Magistrate Judge W. Brian Gaddy
Name Title Phone Number
W. Brian Gaddy U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5745
Melissa Nolte Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5774
Julia Kitsmiller Career Law Clerk 816-512-5652
Kylee Gomez Law Clerk 816-512-5748
Magistrate Judge James C. England
Name Title Phone Number
Karla Berziel Courtroom Deputy 417-225-7703
James C. England U.S. Magistrate Judge 417-865-3869
Magistrate Judge Robert E. Larsen
Name Title Phone Number
Robert E. Larsen U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5760
Magistrate Judge Sarah W. Hays
Name Title Phone Number
Sarah W. Hays U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5780
Magistrate Judge John T. Maughmer
Name Title Phone Number
John T. Maughmer U.S. Magistrate Judge 816-512-5745
Main Numbers
Name Title Phone Number
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Kansas City Clerk's Office 816-512-1800
Bankruptcy Operations
Name Title Phone Number
Mindy Smith Operations Manager 816-512-1818
Sydney Donovan Operations Administrator 816-512-1849
Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System
Name Title Phone Number
Bankruptcy CM/ECF Help Line 1-800-466-9302
Bankruptcy Voice Case Information System (VCIS) 1-866-222-8029
Bankruptcy Judges
Chief Judge Brian T. Fenimore
Name Title Phone Number
Brian T. Fenimore Chief Bankruptcy Judge 816-512-1910
Dawn Meador Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1924
Hannah Schoeb Career Law Clerk 816-512-1910
Michael Morris Law Clerk 816-512-1910
Judge Cynthia A. Norton
Name Title Phone Number
Cynthia A. Norton Bankruptcy Judge 816-512-1895
Beth Graham Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1852
Erica Garrett Career Law Clerk 816-512-1896
Jacorius Williams Law Clerk 816-512-1898
Name Title Phone Number
Kristina Richardson Kansas City Chapter 13-CAN Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1816
Christy Wilkinson Kansas City Chapter 13-BTF Courtroom Deputy 816-512-1894
Probation & Pretrial
Main Numbers
Name Title Phone Number
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Kansas City 816-512-1300 or 888-609-7664
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Jefferson City 573-634-3293 or 888-609-7664
U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office Springfield 417-831-4494 or 800-333-3770