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CM/ECF Online Training Videos


CM/ECF Online Training

These online learning modules are designed to provide convenient and easy information and guidance on using the court's electronic filing system.

For New Users
We recommend starting with the Introduction to CM/ECF tutorial and working through all tutorials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the administrative procedures and electronic filing steps to successfully file documents with the court.

For Experienced Users
Begin by selecting any individual learning module to learn more about a specific topic or category.

If you have questions about using the tutorials, wish to attend a hands-on training session, or have suggestions for us, please contact the help desk.


  CM/ECF Online Training  
  bulletIntroduction to CM/ECF  
  bulletLocal Rules and Standing Orders  
  bulletPortable Document Format (PDF)  
  bulletFiling a Document  
  bulletAdding a New Filer  
  bulletProposed Orders  
  bulletProposed Scheduling Order  
  bulletPermission to File  
  bulletSealed Documents  
  bulletEx Parte Documents  
  bulletUtilities Menu  
  bulletMaintain Your Account  
    - Address Changes  
    - Password Changes  
    - Email Information Changes  
    - Secondary Email Changes