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Notice of Proposed Revisions to the Local Rules Published for Comment

The United States Court for the Western District of Missouri is soliciting comments on proposed revisions to the Local Rules. Revisions include L.R. 7.1 (expanding corporate disclosure), L.R. 37.1 (use of discovery dispute procedure in relation to 3rd party subpoena), L.R. 55.1 (establishing a procedure for default judgments), L.R. 83.5 (eliminating hiring a lawyer close to the courthouse), L.R. 83.6 (clarifying that the Court “may” initiate attorney discipline), L.R. 99.6 (eliminating expungement due to no legal authority), and L.R. 99.8 (eliminating mandatory setting of sentencing date). Comments may be directed to Paige Wymore-Wynn at Comments will be received until September 15, 2022.

Review Proposed Amendments Published for Public Comment