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Notice of Proposed Revisions to the Local Rules Published for Comment

The Western District of Missouri is seeking input on proposed revised Local Rules. The proposed revisions address the following three areas:

  1. Social Security L.R. 9.1: Total overhaul due to the 2022 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure adopting SUPPLEMENTAL RULES FOR SOCIAL SECURITY REVIEW ACTIONS UNDER 42 U.S.C. § 405(G). These rules were created by working with private plaintiffs’ counsel, the U.S. attorney’s office, the Social Security Administration, and reviewing other districts’ local rules;
  2. Swearing in ceremony L.R. 83.5(c)(3): Eliminate the need to have a sponsoring lawyer to more streamline the process; and
  3. Criminal Sealing L.R 99.11: Entirely new rule addressing which documents do not require a motion to seal, which documents do need a motion, and the process to follow. This rule was drafted due to the hard work of Chief Judge Beth Phillips, Judge Brian Gaddy, Laine Cardarella (FPD), Teresa Moore (U.S. Attorney), and Shazzie Naseem (CJA representative).

Comments will be received until 9/29/23 and may be directed to Paige Wymore-Wynn at

Review Proposed Amendments Published for Public Comment