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Multidistrict Litigation Cases

The cases in this MDL involve allegations regarding defendant Dollar General Corp.'s sales and marketing of generic, self-branded motor oil.  Plaintiffs allege that Dollar General used deceptive tactics to market obsolete motor oil to unsuspecting and primarily low-income customers. The class representatives, on behalf of classes from several states, bring causes of actions primarily based on unjust enrichment and violations... more

The cases in this MDL involve putative class action allegations regarding the manufacture, labeling, marketing, and performance of 303 tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) products manufactured by Smitty’s Supply Inc. and/or CAM2 International, L.L.C. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants (1) deceptively marketed the products as meeting John Deere 303 specifications that allegedly became obsolete in the 1970s when an essential ingredient – sperm whale... more