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Court Reporter Contacts

Name Court Reporter for Phone Number
Katie Wirt Chief Judge Beth Phillips 816-512-5608
Denise Halasey Judge Brian C. Wimes 816-512-5657
Jeannine Rankin Judge M. Douglas Harpool 417-225-7713
Gayle Wambolt Judge Stephen R. Bough 816-512-5641
Jean Crawford Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark 816-512-5642
Annisa Justice Judge David Gregory Kays 816-512-5622
Gayle Wambolt Senior Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr. 816-512-5641
Kathy Calvert Senior Judge Gary A. Fenner 816-512-5741

Please Note:

Due to scheduling conflicts, hearings may be covered by any of the court reporters listed above. Individual minute entries provide information on the appropriate court reporter to contact for transcripts.