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NCBJ NextGen Submission Day is May 2 - Encourage Participation!

Help Spread The Word - NCBJ NextGen Submission Day is May 2nd
Encourage Insolvency Lawyers to Apply

The NCBJ will host the ninth Next Generation Program at its Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, from October 28 through 31, 2018. The program will host 40 up-and-coming bankruptcy practitioners with 5 to 10 years of experience for special events that will be exclusively offered to NextGen participants, including:

  • A judicial roundtable discussion in a small-group setting, designed to allow participants to “pick the brains” of bankruptcy judges from across the nation;
  • A small-group lunch with an experienced bankruptcy practitioner who serves as a member of the Next Generation Committee;
  • A networking reception and dinner to build contacts and relationships with Next Generation alumni;
  • An opportunity to participate in a social outing to discover San Antonio with other NextGen’rs and judges; and
  • Opportunities to participate as panelists with judges and other practitioners in educational offerings during the NCBJ Annual Meeting.

Nominations for qualified program candidates will be accepted only on May 2, 2018, from noon to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Nominees should:

  1. Devote at least 50% of their practice to bankruptcy;
  2. Demonstrate legal excellence in the practice of bankruptcy law;
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to the continued educational development of bankruptcy professionals and professional activities that will benefit the public, members of the bar, and the court system; and,
  4. Display a serious commitment to principles of civility, ethics, and professionalism.

Only one attorney from any single law firm may participate each year. The cost of attendance at the NCBJ Annual Meeting must be borne by the participant or his or her law firm, but no additional cost will be incurred to attend the Next Generation judicial roundtable or the networking or reunion receptions. There will be extra cost for the lunch, dinner, and social outing. Consistent with past years, a limited number of scholarships will be available to qualified candidates.

A complete program description with specific nomination instructions is available on or using the links below. For more information, contact Next Generation is co-sponsored by the American College of Bankruptcy.

NCBJ 2018 Next Generation Information:

May 2nd is Submission Day – Review Guidelines Below:

Nominations received before or after the official submission window of May 2, 2018, from Noon to 5:00 pm EDT will be disregarded.

Nominations received during the submission window will be processed by a computerized lottery program to choose finalists.

Nominations should be submitted only once to the email address below.

The program is limited to 40 participants.

A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified participants.

For questions not answered by materials on, contact

Hon. Suzanne Bauknight
2018 NextGen Chair