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Digital Audio Recordings (CourtSpeak)

Generally, audio files of pre-trial conferences and other select hearings, as directed by the presiding Judge, will be embedded in a PDF document docketed to the appropriate case through CM/ECF. Anyone with a PACER account can access the PDF document and listen to the embedded audio file the same way they would access any other document docketed to the case. However, attorneys and parties to the case will not receive the audio equivalent of a “free look” as they do for other documents. Any access to an audio file is subject to the PACER fee noted above.

Please understand that digital audio files shall not be considered an official transcript. If an official transcript is desired, please order it through CM/ECF using either the ‘Adversary Events → Other → Request for Transcript’ event or the ‘Bankruptcy Events → Other → Request for Transcript’ event. You may also call the Clerk’s office at 816-512-1800 for assistance ordering an official transcript or click here for more information.

Please also understand that if sensitive information is stated on the record, it will be available in the audio files posted to CM/ECF. Parties may make a request to the presiding Judge that a particular audio file not be docketed for public access, but the decision whether to docket the audio file rests solely with the Judge.

Further, counsel and parties are responsible for guaranteeing that pleadings and testimony comply with the requirements of Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9037 mandating the redaction of personal data identifiers, and therefore, must avoid introducing personal data and other sensitive information into the record. Finally, please be mindful that the microphones in the courtrooms are sensitive and may pick up conversations not intended to be on the record. Please ensure that private communications take place outside of the courtrooms so that they are not inadvertently recorded.

Additional information on accessing an audio file from a personal computer or mobile device is attached below.

Instructions for Accessing Audio Files