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Certificates of Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing are requested through Western District of Missouri's District Court's CM/ECF system by logging into PACER. The United States Courts, Western District of Missouri interprets "good standing" as an attorney who has fulfilled all requirements to be a member of the bar (Local Rule 83.5) and has no current disciplinary actions recorded. Additionally, the attorney is current with all dues required by the court. Attorneys requesting this good standing certificate are required to pay a fee. Please refer to the current fee schedule for applicable fee amount.

To request a Certificate of Good Standing with WDMO, the attorney must already have an individual upgraded PACER account; shared PACER accounts cannot be used for admission requests or filings. If the attorney does not have an individual account, he/she should request one from PACER here.

To request the Certificate and pay the fee, the attorney must:

  • Log into the District CM/ECF Website (attorney's login and password required).
  • Select Civil from the menu bar.
  • Select Certificate of Good Standing (located under the Attorney Admissions Events section).
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Pay the fee. The CM/ECF system will redirect the attorney back to PACER for payment of the fee. A credit card or ACH account is required for the payment unless one has previously been stored with PACER for payment of "Court" fees. For any questions, please contact

The Clerk's Office will:

  • Confirm the status of the attorney.
  • Prepare the Certificate of Good Standing and affix an electronic seal.
  • Email the Certificate of Good Standing to the requesting attorney.