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Senior Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.

Case Procedures

The example Scheduling and Trial Order posted on the Court's website is for informational purposes only. The parties are not to submit Local Rule 16.1(d) information in the form of an order. The Court will issue its own Scheduling and Trial Order based on the Joint Proposed Discovery Plan filed by the parties.

Civil Scheduling and Trial Orders for Jury Trials

Chambers Contacts

Name Title Phone
Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr. Senior District Judge 816-512-5630
Marylynn Shawver Judicial Assistant 816-512-5630
Christy Anderson Courtroom Deputy 816-512-5063
Gayle Wambolt Court Reporter 816-512-5641
Patricia Rosa Career Law Clerk
Jo Powers Career Law Clerk

Chambers Location

Address Room Number Courtroom
Charles Evans Whittaker U.S. Courthouse
400 E. 9th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
District Court: 816-512-5000
Bankruptcy Court: 816-512-1800
Room 7552 7C

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Audio-Visual Equipment in the Courtroom: 

Prior to trial, we urge all attorneys to schedule an appointment to test equipment. Visit our Courtroom Technology & Equipment page to view details regarding available technologies. For any additional requests or to view the equipment prior to a court hearing, please contact the courtroom deputy.