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Petit Jury Service

We have reviewed your completed qualification questionnaire and have determined that you are qualified as a juror based on U.S. citizenship; ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language; age and status of health.

As a qualifed summoned juror, you will be "on call" for a period of two weeks. Although you are on call, you may only be required to appear one to two times. The number of times vary depending on the needs of the court.

It is important that you call the automated telephone message each weekend as indicated on your summons, to insure that your services will still be needed on that day. Your failure to call that telephone number may prohibit you from being paid if you appear for selection and the message had indicated that your services were not needed on that day.

Should you request to be excused from or postpone your jury service, you must place your request in writing no less than two weeks prior to the summons date to the jury office. Your letter must be received well in advance of your scheduled jury service date. Please address all requests and supporting documentation to the following address:

Clerk's Office—Jury Section
United States District Court
400 E. 9th Street, Room 2310
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

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