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Resumes, References & Cover Letters

Chronological Resumes list work experience beginning with most recent position held. Use this type of resume when:

Sample Template 1 (pdf) (Word)
Sample Template 2 (pdf)

Functional Resumes are organized by specific skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Use this type of resume when:

Sample Template 1 (pdf) (Word)
Sample Template 2 (pdf)

Resume Tips

Cover Letters

Cover letters accompany your resume and are designed to capture the employer's attention by highlighting the specific skills that the employer is seeking. There is no standard cover letter. Make your cover letters job-specific by using the skill words that appear in the job description.

Sample Template

Employment References

Carefully choose four employment references that compliment your resume. Possible references are current or former supervisors, colleagues or co-workers, contacts made while volunteering. This list should include the reference's name, title, company, and phone number. Inform your references when they may be contacted by prospective employers. This type-written list is given to the prospective employer at the time of the interview, or can be included in the resume.

Sample Template

Creating an Email Account

When starting an email account, create an address that incorporates your name, your initials, and/or your profession. Make it as easy as possible.

Example: JohnDoe78@email.com

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