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Courtroom to Community Offers Two Programs

  • Civil and Criminal
  • Bankruptcy

“Courtroom to Community,” a new outreach offering sponsored by the U.S. Courts for the Western District of Missouri, will answer questions for your civic, service or professional organization. Presented in conjunction with lawyers from the Federal Practice Committee and the Federal Court Advocates Section of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, the program is designed to enhance the public’s understanding of the federal legal system.

Each presentation features a federal judge along with members of the local bar, and content may be tailored to focus on a topic of particular interest to your group. The judges and lawyers will describe what happens in federal court, and they will answer questions to help the audience understand what it really means to “make a federal case.”
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Courtroom to Community was created to educate and inform adults in the community about the federal judiciary.

We are available to speak to civic organizations, service clubs or professional associations free of charge.

Presentations typically run for 30 to 60 minutes, but may be modified to fit whatever time frame your group desires. Questions are encouraged throughout the sessions or during a question and answer period at the end of the event.

Speakers are available for morning, luncheon or evening meetings and the Court will provide any necessary audio visual equipment if none is available at your location.

If you would like to request a speaker(s) for your group please contact:

Diana Diaz
Community Outreach Program Coordinator