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Courtroom Technology

Courtroom Technology & Equipment

The United States Courts for the Western District of Missouri are proud to offer various forms of courtroom technology and equipment.  Unless designated differently all technology is available in all courthouses and courtrooms.  All requests for courtroom technology or courtroom equipment must be made to the appropriate courtroom deputy at least five (5) days prior to the court event to seek approval and allow for technical authorization.  The technology and equipment is typically available via a mobile system, with the exception of Kansas City Courtrooms, 6C, 7C and 8C, where the equipment is built into the courtroom.

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Courtroom Technology Available

Annotation Monitor and Tablet
Annotation monitor and tablet allow witness and attorneys to draw, point and highlight on the video monitor any evidence or document that is displayed through the system. The image of the document or other exhibit can be marked up with no harm being done to the original and a 3x5 inch image can be printed.

Attorney Tables
These tables are configured with inputs for computer (VGA) and analog modem and power connection.

Audio Input
Audio input from any attorney provided device with an output or earphone connection. Original recordings on the recording device reproduce with the best quality.

Computer Input
Computer input is available if counsel wishes to plug in a computer and present evidence or make side presentations. Counsel must provide their own computer and software, but any standard system can be plugged into the audio/video display. The video display setting should be set to 1024 x 768.

Document Camera
A document camera, enables counsel to present evidence to the court participants via video monitors. Evidence can be in any medium (e.g., documents, photographs, negatives, x-rays, and 3-D objects).

Electronic Cart
The electronic cart is configured with VCR and inputs for s-video, computer (VGA) and audio. These inputs make it convenient for attorneys to present their evidence for the case.

Telephone Interpreting
Language interpretation is available via the courtroom computers and telephones.  Requests must be made to the appropriate courtroom deputy at least five (5) days prior to the court event to seek approval and allow for technical support.

Video Conference Equipment
Video conferences can be held in these courtrooms. Counsel must pay for the expense of its use. Bridging can be used for multi-party conferences.

Video Monitors
15" flat screen monitors are placed at the judge's bench, clerk's station, witness area, podium cart and attorney tables. 37" video monitors are also available for the jury.

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless access to the internet by attorneys and their staff is available from all district and bankruptcy courtrooms in Kansas City, Springfield and Jefferson City.  Access is made available at the discretion of the presiding judge in each case.  A request must be made to the appropriate courtroom deputy prior to the court event to seek judicial approval and request a login and password from the court IT department.  The login and password will be valid for the duration of that court hearing only. 

Counsel must ensure their system has wireless capability. The court will not provide any equipment nor will it delay any proceedings due to technical difficulties or failures.

The usual security cautions and concerns regarding e-mail attachments and downloaded material apply. Any internet access obtained in the courtroom must be in support of the court case or business at hand. Sound and photo/photo recording features of your equipment must be turned off while in court.

Courtroom Equipment Available

Flip Charts
Standard size flip chart holders are available. Counsel must provide paper.

Hearing Assistive Headsets
The AudioLink headset enables individuals hearing assistance through the use of a an infrared receiver in the courtroom.

Projection Screen
A standard sized projection screen is available to display an electronic presentation, upon request.

Wireless Handheld Microphone
A wireless handheld microphone is available upon request.

Courtroom Technology Training

Training is provided on use of the courtroom technology listed above.  Please contact the appropriate courtroom deputy no later than five (5) days prior to the event.  For technical information regarding the courtroom technology available please contact the court's Help Desk at 816-512-5740.