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The Bell Room Historical Gallery

Located on the second floor of the Charles E. Whittaker courthouse, the Bell Room Historical Gallery is named for the 4,000-pound, bronze bell that came from Kansas City’s very first federal courthouse at 9th and Walnut.

The interactive gallery, a collaboration between the court and its historical society, was inspired by Professor Lawrence H. Larsen’s book “Federal Justice in Western Missouri”.

The Bell Room allows visitors to explore the history of the court; get a behind the scenes look at the men and women who preside in the courtrooms; educate themselves in federal civil, criminal, and bankruptcy procedures; hear from actual jurors about their meaningful experience in the court; and learn about intriguing cases heard in the Western District of Missouri, which shaped lives both locally and nationally. In addition, test yourself with questions applicants for citizenship must know and read about the connection between immigrants who become new citizens of the United States and their ties with a federal judge.

This self guided exhibit is open to the public free of charge, during regular business hours.

If you have a group of 10 or more and would like to schedule a guided tour, please contact Diana Diaz at 816-512-5030 or

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