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Media Guidelines for High Profile Cases

  • There will be an overflow room provided for media use that will have audio and video feed directly from the courtroom.
  • Once seated in the courtroom, should it be necessary to leave, you will not be permitted back into the courtroom until after a court declared recess or adjournment.
  • Any questions should be addressed by Paige Wymore-Wynn, Court Executive and Public Information Officer of the court. She can be contacted at 816-512-5000, or via e-mail at
  • No electronic devices including cell phones, PDA/cell phone combinations, any electronic device with audio/visual recording capability are allowed within the courthouse perimeter. Any brought into the courthouse will be turned over to the Court Security Officers and may be reclaimed upon exiting the courthouse.
  • Photo identification is needed to enter the courthouse.
  • There is a public terminal within the Intake area of the first floor for use in obtaining background information on a case should that be required. Court personnel can assist you, if needed.
  • Judges do not comment on cases which they are currently hearing or preparing to hear or which may be in an appellate situation.