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Request for Quote (RFQ) – RFQ #18-0005

RFQ 18-0005

First Floor KC Training Room

The training room, 26 x 32 feet, is for employee training with computer stations for the class participants, up to 24, and a desk for the trainer at the front of the room.

Current Configuration

The training room is equipped with 1 large white board near the front of the room and one close up projection system. The projection system connects to equipment located at the presenter’s desk in the front of the space. There is also a conference phone located at the presenter’s desk at the front of the room. A thin client (computer) and DVD player provide content and a laptop can be brought in to be used in place of the thin client.

New Configuration Requirements:

We would like to be able to video conference and/or telephone conference allowing far site participants to join the onsite training. This includes content sharing and two way participation. We have a Polycom Group 500 unit for VTC. Increasing the display from the current VGA to HDMI or better for input is desired. We would like a microphone array like a SHURE MXA910, or equivalent, allowing far end participants to hear questions and answers taking place in the room. The addition of speakers in the room will allow near side participants to hear content and the far side of VTC. The Polycom Group 500 unit will need to be integrated into the room equipment including control. We would like a portable control panel like a Crestron TWS-760, or equivalent. HDMI inputs at the podium with corresponding update to Crestron system and possible wireless presentation using wePresent/MirrorOp. The control programming needs to be at a level that allows an inexperienced user to operate the equipment mirroring the 4th Floor Conference Room as much as possible.

Walk Through:

The US District Court is aware that in order for companies to submit a quote, a walk through might be necessary.  Please schedule your walk through with Stephanie Watson at  The walk through is available on Friday, June 15, 2018 from 10 am-12 pm.

Award Criteria:

Award criteria will be based on a technically acceptable quote provide lowest cost, including shipping.  Bid responses and questions may be directed to  All questions in regard to this RFQ are due by Friday, June 22, 2018 at 5 pm CST.  All bids are due by Friday, June 29, 2018 at 5 pm CST.