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Request for Quote (RFQ) – RFQ number 18-0004

4th Floor Conference Room

Current Specifications:
This conference room, 20 x 50 feet, is for groups of people up to 40 to meet and share information in both a style of sitting at a large table and a style of public forum, speakers/audience.  Video telephone participants can join.

Current Configuration:
The conference room has the capability of connecting a presentation device at the podium and at the back of the room. There are two large projectors ceiling mounted that project onto two motorized projection screens located at the front of the room. Both screens are ceiling mounted and retract via the controller at the podium. They are used for presentations or video conference with both content and VTC split, or not, depending on the presenter. Video teleconference cameras are wall mounted, one in the front between the retractable screens and one on a side wall to showcase the presenter. There are two wall mounted monitors halfway down the room giving people at the back of the room video for presentation or video conference depending on the requirements of the presenter. The podium located at the front is capable of controlling all audio-visual components in the room. The podium has multiple input options and controls for presentations that may include DVD playback, VGA from a computer, 3.5 mm audio input, built in Thin Client (computer) and monitor, built in microphone, wireless microphones, VTC control, audio control, screen control and system power control. There is a panel with multiple inputs such as HDMI In, VGA In, USB HID, and 3.5mm audio input at the back of the room which can be controlled from the control at the podium. The room is equipped with 8 ceiling mounted speakers which provide audio from the presenters chosen audio source (VTC, Laptop, DVD, or PC). The room also has 4 wireless microphones and 7 hard wired microphones including the microphone built into the podium.

The audio closet houses a rack and backup power supply which all components are connected to. The rack holds the Crestron controller for the room, Crestron CP2e, two Audia Biamp audio controllers, CX302V amplifier, Polycom 7000 Video Conference unit, Sennheiser Wireless Switcher, and 4 Sure Wireless Controllers.

New Configuration Requirements:
We would like to improve the audio both in the room and for far end participants with the addition of speakers (we have matching JBL Model Control 26CT speakers available) and would like microphone arrays such as a SHURE MXA910, or equivalent, allowing far end participants to hear questions and answers taking place in the room without passing around a microphone. We would like to keep the current microphones and video displays. We would like a portable control panel such as a Crestron TWS-760, or equivalent. The control programming needs to be at a level that allows an inexperienced user to operate the equipment mirroring our 1st Floor Training Room as much as possible.

Walk Through:
The US District Court is aware that in order for companies to submit a quote, a walk through might be necessary.  Please schedule your walk through with Stephanie Watson at  The walk through is available on Friday, June 15, 2018 from 10 am-12 pm.

Award Criteria:
Award criteria will be based on a technically acceptable quote provide lowest cost, including shipping.  Bid responses and questions may be directed to  All questions in regard to this RFQ are due by Friday, June 22, 2018 at 5 pm CST.  All bids are due by Friday, June 29, 2018 at 5 pm CST.