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Open Doors to Federal Courts

The United States Courts for the Western District of Missouri participate annually in the national educational outreach, Open Doors to Federal Courts.  The Kansas City courthouse and the Springfield courthouse host interactive educational programs for high school students each fall.

The ultimate objective of Open Doors to Federal Courts is to increase willing participation in jury service by exposing young people to the human face of the justice system, breaking down barriers, and providing a positive introduction to the courts.

Open Doors to Federal Courts centers on the full participation of judges, lawyers, students, and teachers. These individuals partner to play roles in a mock trial.  A jury of peers (students) decide the mock trial.  The mock trial topics include intellectual property issues surrounding downloading music and movies; a search at a teen house party; and texting while driving. 

If you have a group of high school students of 50 or less who wish to participate, please contact Diana Diaz,, 816-512-5030, for further details.