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Effective November 19, 2002, all Civil and Criminal cases are maintained using our Electronic Case Filing system.

Hands-on training:

Training sessions are offered at the U.S. Courthouse in Kansas City, Missouri. E-mail us for more information. A session typically lasts approximately 2 hours. Several filings are made, step-by-step, and processes are covered in detail. Portable Document Format (pdf) is also discussed. A review of CM/ECF's report and query features are provided. To arrange for a demonstration or to attend a training session, contact us via email or by phone at 816-512-5000.

Upcoming Training Dates
Online Training
CM/ECF Guidelines
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26
  • Tuesday, Apr. 23
  • Tuesday, Jun. 25
  • Tuesday, Aug. 27
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3

All sessions: 10:00 - 11:30 am

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