WDMO Opinions on Court’s Website—Search Enhanced

WDMO opinions have been available free of charge on the court’s website since 2000.  Recently, the court added new functionality to improve search capability.  You can now search opinions by:

  • Full-text query,
  • Case party,
  • Individual judge, multiple judges, or all judges,
  • Case caption,
  • Case number, or
  • Date range.

  Quick Search

  Full-text Search  
  Quick search only searches for a judge, case number, terms in the caption, or keywords in the document’s summary.  But it is the fastest way to find opinions by a certain judge. You can also use the date range option. 

  The full-text option searches the entire text of any and all documents on file.

Here’s how:

  1. Enter keywords or a phrase in the Search For field.  You may use “and”, “or”, “+” or double quotes around your search terms.
  2. Choose Western Missouri, multiple courts, or select All Courts.
  3. Choose to show results by relevance or by date.
  4. If you are not sure of spelling, check the box entitled “I wasn’t quite sure how to spell something…
  5. To search for a topic or terms similar to your keyword(s), check the box entitled “Expand my results…”  For example, if you entered the word “cat,” the search will look for words like “feline.”

  Here’s how:

  1. Choose Missouri Western or select All Courts.
  2. Select a judge to narrow your search.  Otherwise, all judges for the chosen court(s) will be searched.
  3. Enter the case number, if known.
  4. Enter the full caption or as much as you know
  5. Enter a date range.  To search all dates, check the box “Disregard Date”.

You will see this new feature referred to as CourtWEB: Online federal court opinions information system.  To use the new opinions search feature, click the Opinions menu option from our website.  If you have questions on using CourtWEB, contact the District Court Clerk’s Office at 816-512-5000 or the Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office at 816-512-1818.

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