Magistrate Judge Knox to Retire

Whether appearing before Magistrate Knox in Jefferson City or answering questions from Professor Knox in Columbia, lawyers across Missouri have enjoyed the legal prowess, professionalism and good humor of Bill Knox.

Despite our best efforts to persuade him otherwise, Judge Knox has decided to retire this coming January after almost 25 years of service. While his friends and colleagues will no doubt subject him to many accolades and war stories in the coming months, we thought we would ease into the celebration with just a few career highlights. In addition to serving his country as a Magistrate Judge, Judge Knox was also an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

He contributed to the legal profession by authoring several books, the latest of which is Missouri Practice, Volume 19, Criminal Practice and Procedure (this link is to the publisher's entry to this volume), and by serving on the Eighth Circuit Model Jury Instructions Committee and as Chairman of the Eighth Circuit Subcommittees on Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions.

Despite retirement from full-time service, we are confident Judge Knox will be no stranger to the Jefferson City courthouse in the future. However, we begrudgingly understand that he may prefer the company of his wonderful family to a bunch of lawyers. Please join the Court in wishing Judge Knox well.

Judge William Knox
Magistrate Judge
William A. Knox

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