Jefferson City Courthouse Update

C onstruction continues on the new Court House in Jefferson City.  A 150 foot blue tower crane now marks the site and can be seen crossing the Missouri River Bridge.

Jeff City Courthouse

The structure for the ground floor, which includes parking, mechanical equipment, and a loading dock has been completed.  Work on the first floor structure is in progress.  Columns and supports for the second floor are being installed.

Jeff City Courthouse     Jeff City Courthouse

East Wing framing started for the 2nd Floor. The 1st Floor Balcony by the Jury Assembly Room

Some of the major future milestones are:

September 2009 Building Structure Complete
February 2010 Exterior Precast Complete
April 2010 Windows Complete
July 2011 Project Complete

For a real-time view of the site via web cam, click here:


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