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Proposed Orders

All proposed orders must be e-mailed to the courtroom deputy for the presiding judge in the case in WordPerfect format. 

Please attach your proposed order to an e-mail and send it to the appropriate courtroom deputy.  A list of courtroom deputies is available in the Administrative Procedures Manual which is available on our website.

The exception to the rule are proposed scheduling orders. They should be electronically filed and should not contain a signature line for the presiding judge. The proposed scheduling order should include the electronic signature of both the filing and opposing counsel. The non-filing party has 12 days from the filing of the proposed scheduling order to challenge their alleged agreement to the substance of the submission.

Certificate of Good Standing

The Western District of Missouri interprets “good standing” to mean that an attorney has fulfilled all requirements to be a member of the Western District bar (see Local Rule 83) and has no current disciplinary actions recorded. Additionally, the attorney must be current with all dues required by the District. Attorneys requesting a certificate, attesting to their status, are required to pay a $15.00 processing fee to the court. Certificates of good standing are available through our District CM/ECF site ecf.mowd.uscourts.gov. You will need your DISTRICT CM/ECF login and password. Have a credit card or bank account ready in order to submit the $15 fee.

Procedures for Requesting a Certificate of Good Standing

  • The attorney should first log into the District CM/ECF website and click on Civil. It is crucial that the requesting attorney use his or her own password.
  • Under the Civil menu heading the attorney will find an event titled Certificate of Good Standing; click on that event.
  • Following the process indicated on subsequent screens, the attorney will pay the fee via credit card, check or bank debit, through the pay.gov program.

Upon entry of the event, court employees assigned to this task will receive an automatic email notification. The assigned employee will confirm the status of the attorney and prepare the certificate, which will include an electronic seal. The completed certificate is then emailed to the requesting attorney. Typically, this process can be completed within hours of submission.

Courthouse Closures: Scheduled and Non-Scheduled

Need to know if the building is closed due to bad weather, natural disasters, or other emergencies? You may contact the following for information about building closures and/or late openings:

Ordering Transcripts Just Got Easier

Have you ever needed to request preparation of a transcript, but you’re just not sure how to contact the right person?  The Western District is aware that some of you have encountered this problem, and a new procedure is in place to make this task easier for you.  Contact numbers will soon appear within the docket entry to easily direct you to the right person.

If you need a transcript but don’t know who to contact, first search for the minute entry in the docket report on PACER.  To do this, go to the docket report and type F while holding down your CTRL (control) key.  Enter “minute entry” (minus the quotation marks) in the search field and hit your enter key until you find the appropriate entry.  Look for the parenthetical towards the end of the minute entry which indicates “court reporter.”  The name of the person you need to contact for a transcript appears in that parenthetical.

In the future, a contact number will appear right there in the docket entry next to the person’s name.  This procedure is being adopted to make the task of ordering a transcript easier for you.  In the meantime, a telephone list is available on the court’s website (go to www.mow.uscourts.gov, then General Information, then Telephone Directory at the bottom left of the page). 

Questions? The CM/ECF Helpline is at your fingertips. Call us at 1-800-466-9302.

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