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Online Case Opening—Selecting the Correct Venue Code

When opening a new case online, the first choice to make is the office in which the case should be filed. This is the divisional venue. It is important to select the correct divisional venue. Local Rule 3.1 (a) names the divisions in the Western District of Missouri and where cases are heard for those divisions. Local Rule 3.1 (b) mandates how to determine the correct division for your case.

Each division in the Western District of Missouri has its own code and name. Below are those codes and the alternate names (city) by which the divisions are often known.


The divisional boundaries are determined by counties. Below is a chart to help determine the proper division for cases.


While the judge may choose an alternate place of trial in his or her discretion, filing must be based on the division as outlined. Selection of the incorrect office may result in a delay and require an administrative transfer of the case to the correct office.

Local Fees for Attorney Admissions to Increase star

WDMO annual attorney dues are due by March 31, 2012.  E-mail notices will be sent to attorneys in early January 2012 with instructions on how to pay your annual dues through ECF. 

In preparation for payment of dues, please log on to Western Missouri’s CM/ECF system to ensure you can access the site.  If you have problems logging on or have forgotten your login and password, please e-mail the court at jcgen@mow.uscourts.gov or call 573-636-4015. 

Effective Jan. 1, 2012, changes to Local Rule 83.5 increased fees for attorneys practicing in the Western District of Missouri.  The fee changes are provided below.

  New Fees Effective Jan. 1, 2012
 Annual Dues for Admitted Attorneys $20
 Fee for Admission Pro Hac Vice $100
 Fee for Reinstatement of Previously Admitted Attorney $100
 Attorney Admission and Reciprocity
  (subsequent to the Nov. 1, 2011, national fee change)

Questions regarding attorney admissions should be directed to Jeri Russel, attorney admissions clerk, at 573-636-4015.


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