Making a Federal Case: WDMO Educational Outreach Program

Lisa Nouri, Todd Bartels and Judge Gary Fenner
Lisa Nouri, Todd Bartels and Judge Gary Fenner

According to “The Book of Lists,” the fear of public speaking ranks No. 1 in the minds of the majority of people.

But this is not the case for members of the Western District of Missouri Federal Practice Committee or WDMO judges. Rather, it’s just the opposite. They are looking for opportunities to speak to Kansas City Area civic organizations and clubs. Taking their show on the road, “Making a Federal Case in the Western District of Missouri” is coming to fruition.

On Sept. 9, 2010, Judge Fenner and area attorneys Todd Bartels and Lisa Nouri hit the speaking circuit by giving a presentation at the Downtown Rotary Club of Kansas City’s monthly luncheon. More than 75 attendees learned a little bit more about famous cases filed in the WDMO, the differences between federal court and state court, the process for federal judgeship appointment, and WDMO specifics, including facts about the judges, jurisdiction and case statistics.

During the question and answer session, the esteemed panel fielded questions such as: “What is the difference between district and magistrate judges and the work they perform?” “Does the federal court work from sentencing guidelines, and if so, can you explain a little about that process and some of the factors involved in the decision-making?” and “How is the federal jury pool created?”

Judge Gary Fenner  
Members of area civic organizations who wish to have a judge and members of the WDMO bar speak about the judiciary, (free of charge) may contact Diana Diaz at Presentations can be tailored in content and length to meet the needs of the audience.
WDMO Outreach Program Attendees
Judge Gary Fenner

Happy Birthday Federal Courts!

September 24 marks the anniversary of a groundbreaking American invention―a federal court system separate from the individual state courts.

The anniversary of the Judiciary Act of 1789 is a time to recognize the first Congress for creating a court system capable of growing to meet the nation’s needs.

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