Jefferson City Update

Courthouse Construction

Construction continues on the new U.S. Courthouse in Jefferson City.  The exterior of the building will be completed this spring, and construction on the interior of the courthouse will then shift into high gear.  Based on the aggressive schedule in place, planners expect the courthouse to be ready for occupancy mid-summer 2011. 

This new facility will be the home for the current Jefferson City judges and courthouse staff.  It will include two district courtrooms, two magistrate/bankruptcy courtrooms, chambers, the U.S. Marshals Service Office, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Probation and Pretrial Services Office.  The courthouse will also include space for GSA and local congressional offices.

Upon entering the building, visitors will easily find their way to the Clerk's Office and the Pretrial and Probation Office on the first floor.  To better accommodate visiting attorneys, wireless internet access will be

New Jefferson City Court House March 22, 2010

available as well as state of the art Audio/Visual equipment.  Unlike the confinements of the current courthouse, the new courthouse will have client conference rooms attached to each courtroom and additional room for attorneys to use as a break area.  The new courthouse features magistrate chambers with an associated conference room which will aid in mediation conferences. 

The design of the new courthouse also offers a jury assembly room.  Jefferson City jurors will no longer have to sit on wooden benches in the hallway, nor will they have to be shuffled to various floors as defendants are moved to and from the different courtrooms.  A sophisticated security system will enable the U.S. Marshal's office to provide a safe and secure environment for those visiting and working in the new courthouse.


Left: The Missouri River as seen from the 3rd floor Terrace. Right: Panels with engraving: United States Courthouse

Elevator Repair

Contractors for the U.S. Postal Service are set to begin replacement of the elevators in the current Jefferson City Courthouse in early May.  During this replacement exercise, visitors to the Courthouse will be required to use the stairs to reach 2nd and 3rd floor courtrooms and the Clerk’s office.  Preparation for the work may also cause some disruption in elevator service from now until the work begins. 

Any attorneys who anticipate problems with this elevator downtime should contact the Clerk’s office at 573-636-4015.



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