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In March, the Clerk’s office as well as the Probation & Pretrial Services office asked WDMO attorneys for a “grade card.”  Through its Focus 2010 initiative, the Court surveyed a random group of attorneys on topics ranging from CM/ECF to courtroom AV equipment to general customer service.  Using the survey results, court staffers and judges then met with a sub-set of those attorneys for follow-up discussion and to receive additional input on how to improve service and systems.

Hosted by Chief District Judge Gaitan and Chief Bankruptcy Judge Dow, the in-person sessions allowed court employees to answer questions and to hear what practitioners really want.  Among other things, attorneys commented on ways to make the Court’s website more intuitive, the need for increased use of video conferencing and better education on filing sealed documents.

The opportunity for court personnel to hear not only what was needed but why it impacted attorneys’ schedules or their ability to work efficiently was invaluable, and we thank all those who donated their time filling out the surveys or attending the focus groups.  In return, the Court is now working on implementing many of the action items generated by the sessions.

While continuous improvement was the goal of Focus 2010, law firm personnel also reported many positive experiences when dealing with Court staff and officers.  Whether calling on our case processors, court room deputies or IT professionals, attorneys noted a tradition of responsiveness and a willingness to help.  We appreciate the reminder and take great pride in the reputation of the Western District of Missouri.  Please feel free to contact me at 816-512-5015 with any additional suggestions or comments.





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