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Training Opportunity for CJA Panel Attorneys

Registration is now open for the second FY 2010 Winning Strategies Seminar for CJA panel attorneys, to be held in Chicago, IL, June 17-19, 2010. As always, the program is free of charge for CJA practitioners.

This seminar focuses on the nuts and bolts of federal criminal defense practice, including sentencing guidelines and mitigation, pleas and proffers, computer crimes and identity theft, firearms law, mortgage fraud, and other valuable subjects. One past attendee wrote: "Please continue these fabulous programs. The speakers are top-notch and they make learning enjoyable."

A draft agenda and financial assistance application are attached, but can also be found on the Training Branch's web site,, where one can also register for the seminar. A flyer about the program is also attached for posting and/or distribution on bulletin boards, listservs, web sites and other places where panel attorneys are likely to look.

For questions about the substance of the program, please contact Eric Vos at For questions about logistics, please contact Jenna Shepard at

Judge Dorr to Speak at Law Day in Springfield

The Honorable Richard E. Dorr



Federal Law Clerk Society

The Federal Law Clerk Society for the Western District of Missouri will hold a luncheon meeting on Tuesday, May 4th, at noon.  The meeting will be held in the 2nd floor training rooms of the courthouse and lunch will be provided.  Please watch for an e-mail announcing the speakers for this event.  If you are a former law clerk for the Western District of Missouri and are not currently receiving e-mails about our events, please contact Christine Blegen at (816) 512-5710 or via e-mail at:

e-Juror takes Jury Questionnaires Online

Federal courts across the nation are deploying the e-Juror system to give potential jurors the option of responding to their jury qualification questionnaire form and/or summons online.  Over sixty courts have now installed the e-Juror software, and WDMO will begin using the new system on April 15th.   After testing the new program, Jury Administrator Kelsee Pierce noted that it is intuitive and easy to use.  “We hope that our Western District residents will take advantage of the option to respond online,” Pierce added.

Courts already using e-Juror have reported approximately 25 percent of potential jurors going online to complete their qualification questionnaire.  Responses to summonses have been even greater, with a few courts reporting as many as 45 to 50 percent of jurors responding online.  In addition to the reduction in staff time to manually process questionnaires and summonses, courts save on postage costs and eliminate unnecessary delays by communicating with jurors via e-mail.

While no technology may ever rival the positive impact of electronic filing on the federal courts, leadership at the Administrative Office for the U.S. Courts believes that e-Juror will have immediate and significant impact in terms of both cost-savings and increased juror response.




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