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The Western District has had much to celebrate this past fall.  In October, Judge Scott O. Wright celebrated thirty years on the federal bench.  Not to be outdone by his colleague, Judge Howard F. Sachs also celebrated his thirtieth year on the bench, and both Judges joined friends and family at the Rockhill Country Club to commemorate the occasion.  Three generations of the Sachs family were on hand for the festivities, and Judge Wright received a reminder that he’d been a Missouri Tiger even longer than he’d been a federal judge.  In November, the Court marked another milestone as Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Federman hit his twenty year anniversary.  Surrounded by his family and court colleagues, Judge Federman reminisced and enjoyed good food and story telling about his time on the bankruptcy bench.

In his book tracing the history of the District, Professor Larry Larsen noted that “individuals may come in contact with the federal court system only once in a lifetime, and their complete perception of the federal judiciary will therefore likely be based on a single contact with a single district judge.”  To know that on any

given day, a citizen may have this most critical contact with Judge Wright, Judge Sachs or Judge Federman is to know that the perception of the federal judiciary is in good hands.

Yes, the Western District has much to celebrate with the long and ongoing service of these judges as well as the outstanding AUSAs, federal public defenders and private practitioners that appear before the Court.  May the holiday season remind us all to appreciate and preserve the professionalism and courteous practice exemplified in this District and less pervasive in other courts across the country.    

Judge Arthur B. Federman and Judicial Assistant Joan Brown

Truman Tiger


L to R -- Former Courtroom Deputy, Carolyn Morrison; Former Law Clerk, The Honorable Joel F. May, 16th Circuit Court, Jackson County, Missouri; Judge Scott O. Wright.



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