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Bankruptcy Litigation Pro Bono Program Enters the New Year

The Pro Bono Program for Bankruptcy Litigation officially kicked off on Monday, October 19, 2009.  This new program provides volunteer attorneys to pro se debtors or debtors with limited means who become involved in an adversary case. The program is only available in the Kansas City division of the Western District of Missouri to eligible debtors.  Attorneys who are aware of debtors who may be eligible for this type of representation should feel free to refer them to the Pro Bono Program.  "Notices have been sent out to potential applicants, but no referrals have been made via the project yet," reports Latricia Scott Adams, Director of the Volunteer Attorney Project.  Organizers hope that increased awareness of the program will ultimately lead to connecting eligible debtors with volunteer attorneys who want to try cases.

If any attorneys would like to volunteer, please contact Latricia Scott Adams at 816-421-8020 or    For other details on the program, visit the Court's website through the link Pro Bono Program.

Remember also, pro bono forms are available at:

Rule/Form Changes REMINDER

Among the many form changes that went into effect on December 1, 2009, the most notable is the requirement for a Cover Sheet for all Reaffirmation Agreements (Form B27). The form can be found on the bankruptcy forms page as a fillable .pdf document at: Cover Sheet

Bankruptcy CM/ECF Tips 

Having trouble finding the correct event to choose when filing a document?  Use the "Search" option on the blue menu bar in CM/ECF.  Once you choose "Search" you will see a box where you can enter key word(s) for the document you are filing.  If you are unsure of which event to chose, please contact the Clerk's office at 816-512-1800.

Also, please remember to review the document you are filing to ensure it is the document you intend to upload and file.


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