Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award

The Missouri Bar’s Commercial Law Committee, to honor the memory of Michael R. Roser, has established an annual award to be presented at the Annual Meeting of The Missouri Bar. The Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award will be presented to an individual who manifests the highest standard of excellence in bankruptcy practice, who has contributed distinctively to the development and appreciation of bankruptcy law, and/or who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of bankruptcy administration or practice.

A special subcommittee has been formed to accept nomination of persons deserving of consideration. If you desire to nominate an individual, send information no later than August 2, 2010, by e-mail to:


by mail to:

Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award
c/o Honorable Kathy A. Surratt-States
111 S. Tenth Street
7th Floor North
St. Louis, MO 63102

In your nomination of a candidate, please address specifically his/her activities in the areas of Bankruptcy practice, other law practice, Bar activities, as well as any other factors or characteristics which you believe the Committee should consider in selecting the recipient of the award.

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