8th Annual D. Brook Bartlette Lectures

Friday, June 27, 2008

Judge Bartlett practiced law in Kansas City, Missouri with the law firm of Stinson, Mag, Thomson, McEvers and Fizzell. He then served as an Assistant and then a First Assistant in the Missouri Attorney General's Office. He returned to Kansas City to practice with Blackwell, Sanders, Matheny, Weary and Lombardi.

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Judge Bartlett to the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri. Judge Bartlett was elevated to Chief Judge in 1995. During his tenure as Chief Judge the new courthouse in Kansas City, Missouri was planned and built. Judge Bartlett passed away on January 21, 2000 while serving as Chief Judge.

Ms. Karen Iverson Bartlett, Judge Bartlett's wife and an attorney, said, "Brook strove to give those who appeared before him a chance to tell their story in a venue of respect and compassion, and he succeeded time and again."

Justice Clarence Thomas, United States Supreme Court, who worked with Judge Bartlett at the Missouri Attorney General's Office, observed that "...Judge Bartlett enjoyed a wonderful reputation among his fellow jurists and among members of the bar. He was considered deliberate, analytical, thoughtful, and dedicated to fairness and impartiality, but even more, he was a good man and he was my friend."

Taken from the Historical Society News
of the U.S. Courts in the Eighth Circuit

Judge Bartlett
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